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What is Phoenix 830?

The ancient symbol of the Phoenix represents renewal. Rising from the ashes of what was, to something stronger and better. Our mission is to bring this philosophy to the community and to our members.


Phoenix 830 is a multifaceted fitness facility in Boerne, TX and home to CrossFit 830.  We offer CrossFit (functional fitness classes), bootcamp fitness, open gym hours, and personal training programs.  In the future we’ll be offering barbell and Olympic lifting classes as well.  We provide nutritional guidance through our certified nutritionist.  Coming soon, we’ll have physical therapy available for those bumps and bruises.  Phoenix 830 is a community of people driven to be the best version of themselves, pushing others to do the same, in a professional, supportive, and fun environment. 

No matter what your preferred fitness program consists of, we are here to take your fitness to the next level. 

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